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Support Missionaries

Support for missionaries comes in all different forms. When your church starts the

process of deploying international missionaries, right away they realize the high level of

preparation, administration, and other complicated tasks that must be completed. From

the moment any missionary says “Yes, I’ll go”, until they are deployed, there are so

many hurdles to jump; training, missionary support raising, processing donations for

missionaries, handling tax-related matters, security, in-field pastoring, mission

accountability, etc. It can be absolutely exhausting for most churches. This is when

churches recognize the need for a capable missionary sending organization.

The Relationship Between the Local Church and Sheltering Wings

Sheltering Wings does not replace the biblical role of the local church; Sheltering Wings

stands with your church. Your church is responsible to equip its missionaries, pray with

them, guide them, care for them, and always hold them accountable. Doing so,

requires a lot of time and effort especially when a church has multiple missionaries to


Churches looking to support missionaries won’t need to be burdened about processing

the donations for their missionaries, especially when this could affect the tax-deductible

status of the church. (Read more about this ONLINE.)

That’s when Sheltering Wings comes into the scene. Sheltering Wings has already

established a dependable system that can handle all the logistics involved in processing

donations for missionaries, without infringing on the regulations of the Internal Revenue

Service. Partnering with Sheltering Wings allows your church to function as a sending

church without having to deal with the complexity of the logistics.

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Support for Missions

Sheltering Wings operates as the home office for many missionaries and missionary

families. We support these missionaries for years as they grow their ministries and

impact the world.


The advantage of having us as the dependable home office and missions sending

agency rests in the fact that we work behind the scenes, serving the missionary in the

way they need to be served. Sheltering Wings does not impose a specific method for

the missionary to fulfill their calling. It is their calling that the Lord has called them to

fulfill. Sheltering Wings stands behind the missionary, ready to help them in

accomplishing it. Sheltering Wings is here to be sure that the missionary can keep the

focus on what they need to do to fulfill their God given mission. Sheltering Wings is a

dedicated home office and missionary sending agency for missionaries.

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Supporting Missionaries Financially

Give sacrificially.

All missionaries experience God’s love and then His call to spread the Good News of

the Gospel to all nations. The world is dying without Jesus and the realization of souls

dying without having access to the Gospel breaks our hearts. We need you as a

missionary supporter and we need the church to believe that the call within us is enough

to stake money, time, and prayers on. It is risky for a missionary to go and it is risky for

you to support. On both sides, we fight doubts. God can do impossible and amazing

things through us. And we get to be a part of that!

Your support for missions and a missionary is a powerful way to make a difference in

the lives of many souls around the world. And you can do it from right where you are

right now.

Sheltering Wings’ missionaries depend on God’s provision through the faithful, ongoing

financial support of churches and individuals like you. We need people like you. It may

be impossible for a missionary to fulfil their mission without you.

Please consider joining with thousands of others in supporting missionaries by

searching our website to find a missionary to partner with by clicking HERE.

Supporting Missionaries Through Prayer

Missionaries need powerful prayers from you! Please pray for our missionaries just as sons and

daughters on the frontlines of battlefields are prayed for. Adopt some missionaries to battle for

in prayer. Pray for encouragement, continued vision, faith, strategy, health, wisdom, protection,

and a harvest for their labor.

Support Missions by Helping Missionaries

Did you know that you can help missionaries right from your home? They may be the

ones on the ground overseas, but through your involvement and prayer, God could give

you amazing ideas into how to reach the people group they are in daily. It is not only

their mission…It is the churches’ mission! Find a creative way to partner.

Did you know that one of the best ways to support missionaries is to be an ambassador

for them? They are gone for months, or years and people forget about them and their

important work. Sometimes their personal supporters jump to the next newest

missionary being sent. If just a few people back home decide to support their

missionary by reminding people to give, to pray, to email an encouragement, and so

on…it would be a great blessing to them.

Did you know that missionaries can face loneliness? Moving to the mission field is

exciting but it comes with a deep, aching loneliness. Missionaries long for contact from

friends, family, and churches back home. A simple email or video call once a month

can make a huge difference in a missionary’s life. Routinely connecting with a

missionary is one of the most important ways anyone can support them while they are


Did you know that you may be able to visit your missionary? A personal visit is one of

the most encouraging things you can do for a missionary. Especially when you bring

them some “goodies” that remind them of home. Going for an in-person visit helps you

see what you have been praying for and giving to. It also helps your missionary to feel

better understood. If you feel the Holy Spirit move you to go visit, please be obedient

and go!

Did you know that missionaries are not superhumans? Missionaries see things no one

should have to see…starving children, violence, unjust abuse of women, abject poverty,

and unspeakable things. They experience trauma through natural disasters like

earthquakes, drought, strange diseases, and famine. Most of the time your missionary

won’t speak about the traumas and the dreadful side of mission work. They know and

believe deeply that God is with them. Yet, they are still human and feel the effects of

what they see and experience. You can support your missionary by simply listening to

them with compassion about how they are really doing. Don’t try to relate – just listen.

Missionaries are always giving out and it is just nice to have someone simply care and

listen to them.

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