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The Start of a New Ministry

This past fall I made an exploratory trip to five different countries in order to investigate ministry opportunities among emigrants from where I used to work. I spent time in five different countries. During this two-month trip I visited some Christian workers whom I already knew. But for the most part I was venturing into new places I had never been to before, and meeting many people for the first time. It was quite an educational adventure. Life got difficult and lonely at times. But the Lord was with me through it all, and I made many new friends. In virtually every place I visited I encountered ministry needs and opportunities.

My heart is now particularly drawn to a region in one of those countries. It is estimated that there are over 100,000 Muslims in the region, including the ethnic group among whom I used to work.

In late summer or early fall of this year I plan to move to that area. While visiting one particular city, I had quite a surreal experience. It felt like I was right back where I used to live with similar schools along with some of the same banks and business franchises. I also befriended two pastors of a local evangelical free church, and I believe this city will be a good base from which to develop a ministry in the region.

Please pray for me during this season of transitioning to a new ministry focus overseas. God’s grace works in my life through your prayers and support. Thank you!

Middle East Worker

* names have been changed or omitted and faces blurred to protect those whom we are privileged to serve.

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