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Riddering Medical Clinic

Our medical clinic not only cares for the children in the orphanage and in our programs, but cares for families in our community. We are often the last hope for people with life-threatening illnesses. With no money, other clinics, hospitals, and the government social services send many desperate cases to us. We coordinate their care with hospitals and surgeons and, in most cases, we cover all of the expenses. These expenses include transportation, consultations, hospital stays, surgeries, biopsies, scans, food during their stay, surgeries, treatments, medications, and follow ups.

We currently have several people needing help. These are just three of those cases.

Baker* has a very large tumor in his leg. His family does not know how it started and cannot remember any trauma. They thought it would go away on its own, but it continued to grow. His parents did not take him for medical care because they had no money. Finally, someone told them about our clinic. Baker has had a surgery to remove part of the tumor to have it biopsied. The doctor expects the results to be cancer and another surgery will be performed. Either they can safely remove all of the tumor or his leg will need to be amputated. If this is cancer, he will need chemotherapy.

Rachel’s* stomach started to grow. She was afraid to go to the doctor. When things got worse, she finally saw a doctor. Her family scraped up all the money they had so she could get a scan. She was told she has a problem with her heart, liver, and kidneys. She was not given any other information. She went home and continued on with daily life until she started suffering and her stomach grew even more. She was referred to us and we had to start from scratch. It isn’t known yet what can be done for Rachel, but we had some tests done and are awaiting results.

Andrea* is a good student. She started having problems with her eyes but did not think anything of it. The problem became visible as her eyes started to be pushed out from behind and her vision became so bad that she could no longer participate in school. Her dreams were crushed. Someone had heard about our clinic and brought her in. We are seeking help for Andrea. She has seen several different doctors, received multiple treatments and medications but nothing has helped. One doctor said she has a tumor behind her eyes. We hope to confirm this and see if there is a surgical solution. Her eyes are getting worse every day.

We need prayers for the medical emergencies that come into our clinic. If you would like to help, donations in any amount can be made to our medical clinic.

Amy Riddering

* names have been changed or omitted to protect those whom we are privileged to serve.

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