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  • Sara Matheny

Missionary Conference

“The Christian vision of love isn’t the sacrificial heroism of the lone individual, for Jesus doesn’t ask us to love the world all by ourselves. That’s not sustainable.” -Richard Beck

This week, for the first time since 2019, the Sheltering Wings family gathered together from the various continents of service. We are a team who love the world as we make our homes all over the globe, and for one week the team got to be face-to-face again.

The home office staff thought of everything so the week could pamper the missionaries, promote spiritual conversation, and simultaneously work towards organizational development.

One of the board members provided missionary care in the form of gourmet sweets, and a very generous donor covered all the lodging and food expenses for the missionaries.

With board members, missionaries, presenters, and visitors, there were over forty people involved in the week, but since some of them work in sensitive locations, these are all the pictures I can share. They are working hard and playing hard. I hope it’s enough to communicate the Sheltering Wings family is a loving-the-world team. I already cannot wait until the next chance to be face-to-face!

Sara Matheny

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