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  • Linda Wilk and Ruth Cox

Pastors Mobilized

Prayers have been answered. Fulfilling the duties of pastoral ministry just got easier for five pastors who live and work in remote villages in West Africa.

A pastor we know was given a gift of a pair of sheep. This generous gift was a blessing to his family, but how would he bring the animals home? His solution was to ride his bicycle 35 km with his daughter seated behind him to collect his sheep. This meant he would have to hire a transport to bring them back to his village.

Unfortunately, this situation is the norm for many village pastors. They cannot attend conferences or meetings occurring any distance away. Personal enrichment must often be sacrificed due to lack of transportation.

Our hearts were moved to intervene, and very generous donors stepped forward to purchase new motorcycles for five deserving men of God. Not only have their personal lives improved, but the lives of those they serve have also been enriched. Spiritual counseling, visits to the sick and dying, and other pastoral responsibilities now take place as needed without having to borrow a motorcycle. Rejoice with us over this tremendous blessing!

In many ways, this past year presented many challenges. However, God gave us twelve productive new wells! In addition to this, ten broken wells were repaired and refurbished, and protective walls and water troughs were constructed, thus providing clean, safe water to more than 22,000 grateful people. Thank you to all who helped make this possible!

Linda Wilk and Ruth Cox

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