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Our Story

Sheltering Wings was founded in June 1999 by a single missionary, Ruth Cox. Our mission, grounded in 2 Corinthians 5:17-20, inspires and challenges us to find ways to offer the reconciliation of Christ to the nations. Today, Sheltering Wings has more than 20 long-term missionaries and hosts many short-term missionaries. As an organization, we send missionaries to the field while partnering with the Church to ensure their pastoral care and support.

Through work, related to both relief and development, Sheltering Wings’ missionaries look for effective ways to share the love of Christ in word and in deed. A few of our primary ongoing projects include:

  • Planting and developing orphan care including an orphanage, foster care programs, milk programs, adoption, and more.

  • Building and equipping schools, medical clinics, and churches to support local communities in poverty-stricken areas.

  • Working side by side with the local churches to help, support and spread the Gospel.

  • Bringing clean water along with the ‘Living Water’ to many dry and thirsty villages through well-drilling projects.

  • Developing a thriving child sponsorship program that sends more than 500 children to school.

  • Caring for widows through a widows’ sponsorship program, which provides pastoral visits and small baskets of food to each widow every month.

  • Equipping widows and women in crisis to learn a trade and support themselves with a micro-business plan

Sheltering Wings projects and the number of missionaries have grown rapidly as our vision has expanded to emphasize a greater need for partnerships in the Gospel with “all saints in Christ Jesus,” Philippians 1:3-5. We encourage other believers to participate in our projects, pray for us, and to join us in the field to explore God’s call to missions.

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